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As a full-service provider of animal health care and related services in Richmond, VA, Allied Animal Hospital is committed to helping your pet stay happy and well throughout every phase of his or her life. Our services include the following:
Parasite control of pet -  Animal Health Care Services in Richmond, VA


From vaccinations and parasite control to spaying and grooming, our pet wellness services are designed to prevent costly illnesses and ensure that your pet enjoys a healthy, comfortable life.
Injury treatment of a dog - Animal Health Care Services Richmond, VA


If your pet is affected by an illness or an injury, our state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment can identify the source of his or her symptoms quickly so that ... Read more
Happy dog after surgery - Animal Health Care Services Richmond, VA


Our surgical team members stay current with innovations in the field of veterinary surgery and make themselves available to address any questions or concerns ... Read more
Dog biting a toothbrush -Animal Health Care Services Richmond, VA


Good oral hygiene can prevent dental problems that may have a negative impact on your animal companion's health. We provide safe and comfortable preventative ... Read more
Canine behavioral counseling - Animal Health Care Services Richmond, VA

Behavioral Counseling

Training is an important component of responsible dog ownership. Dogs who are undisciplined or overly aggressive could hurt another dog or a human. We offer ... Read more
Grooming of a cat - Animal Health Care Services Richmond, VA

Full-service Grooming Services

We offer grooming services designed not only to enhance your pet's appearance but also to help your dog or cat maintain healthy skin and stay free from pests.
Dog welcomes his owner - Animal Health Care Services Richmond, VA

Boarding and Daycare

Our boarding facility is clean and well lit, and our pet condos provide plenty of room for your pet to move around comfortably. Your cat will be housed far away from barking dogs, and your dog will have opportunities for outside walks and play.
"We Maintain the Comfort Temperature, Year Round!"